• Mobidigital has Laybuy option.
    – The maximum period to pay is 6 months.
    Customer has discretion to pay in less than 6 months period if they can afford to.
    – There is no fixed monthly payment, customer can pay however, and whenever they can, QUALITY subject to the condition that the customer is done with their laybuy within 6 months.
    – Normal prices applies for laybuy, no interest added.
    – Phones on special cannot be laybuyed.
    – The starting prices for laybuy will apply thoughout until customer is done paying and will not be affected by price change.
    – This means that if at the time of the laybuy the phone is R5000, it will remain R5000 until the customer is done paying irrespective of whether the price for the phone has gone up or down
    – Only when the Laybuy is paid up, will the customer get their phone.
    – Customer must provide with a 30 days notice before their last payment to allow us to get the phone ready.